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Movies are a huge influence on teenagers these days. Movies exposes them to different lifestyles and different ideas. Since movies are a form of dramtic art that are supposed to tell stories about life, they should be realistic, graceful and ethical. However, the majority of teen movies mostly concentrate on what is selling and what is profitable. Many actors are obviously in the movie industry for the money and the fame. Most importantly, most teen movies do not portray any of society's morals and values. The majority of teen movies lack depth and insights because they focus on what is profitable, have unqualified actors, and lack morals.

Lately, most teen movies are all about making money. From the way they are advertised to the way they are presented- movies are all about targeting as many audiences as possible and making profit. The movie "Coyote Ugly" was advertised to attract all the teenage boys' attention.

Many teen movies are appealing because of all the music, parties, sex, drugs and attractive people.

Besides being all about profit, movies done by musicians such as "Spice World" and "The wedding planner" also lack grace and art. All of these types of movies were made because they had a guaranteed audience, the musical fans. What's more is that these movies' main target was to attract more fans for the musicians. For example, a teen who sees the movie, "The wedding planner" might decide to purchase Jennifer Lopez's cd afterwards. Many actors/actresses aget roles in teen movies because of their appearance, not their qualifications. Some actors who have done several teen movies including the move "Road TRip" obviously have no passion for acting and lack grace and talent. Another example is the two main actors of the movie "Dude, where's my car".