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990-40-7338 Reflective Essay 12/9/2001 Sec. 044 Moving Beyond the Five Paragraph Essay In English 101 teachers taught me techniques to help write successful compare and contrast papers. They showed me the proper way in which to set up and execute the traditional ¡°five paragraph¡± essay. Even though this was a necessary and important tool I needed to learn, it may be my greatest weakness. A traditional essay is the only way in which I knew how to write a paper. In English 102 I have had to write challenging papers that go beyond a closed form essay such as the argument analysis. I have learned to escape from the traditional form and take my writing to another level. I have also learned that writing drafts along with peer review is an essential tool in writing a successful paper.

In this essay I will examine the two essays which I have included in my portfolio: ¡°Television is not a Babysitter¡± and ¡°Getting to the heart of the matter.¡±

Looking over my writing I learned that some of the same strengths and weaknesses were apparent in both papers. Being able to write without falling back on the ¡°five paragraph¡± essay along with grammatical errors such as comma splices have been my worst problems. Organization and thesis statements have been strong points in my papers.

Many concepts in English 102 have taught me valuable lessons and challenged me to become a better writer. Not only have I learned some useful grammatical tools, I have learned to look at writing in a new light. I recognize that one needs to go beyond just the comparing and contrasting in order to get to the bottom of an argument. This has helped me develop as a critical thinker, reader, and writer. A writer cannot simply sit...