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Music and arts programs are an important part of a quality education. The movie that best illustrates this point is Mr. Holland's Opus. The following is a review of this movie. Topics of discussion will cover how realistically this movie reflects the impact of art in education for adolescents, the struggle schools consistently face to keep the humanities in education during times of fiscal restraint, and how many schools value sports programs over programs in the arts. Other areas of discussion will also include who should pay for arts education, who should bare the responsibility of providing access to arts and other humanities for school age children, how should an arts education be approached, what past philosophies influence the subtle outlook on the humanities today, and how effective are new high school curriculum in maintaining the arts.

Impact of Arts Education.

"Mr. Holland's Opus" is a film that shows the importance of arts education on adolescence and how the efforts of one dedicated teacher can be a major influence in not only the cultural growth of a local community but also in the development of many individual lives.

Mr. Holland is a composer wannabe turned music teacher who initially has a hard time teaching the fundamentals of music to his high school band students. After several failed attempts to stir his students' curiosity about music and history, Mr. Holland tries a new approach. He modifies the curriculum in manner that enables him to illustrate how music of the past is reflected in modern music. Mr. Holland uses a view of present music arts to illustrate the importance of composers from the past. The change in teaching methods allows Mr. Holland to communicate the value of music, music's impact on society, and the impact of music throughout time.