Mr. Linden's Library- A short story that I dreamed up...don't ask why or how :D It's kind of creepy, and leaves you with a cliff-hanger- you think up the ending!

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Hundreds of years ago the book was a simple, ordinary book

on herbs; passed down through generations of Lindens. This particular volume's purpose turned from a textbook to a cell. The Great Mage, Salivedor, confronted the demon that had been haunting a greenhouse somewhere in Europe. He had been called in to exterminate the demon after it had caused the deaths of two family members who owned the greenhouse. Not able to kill it, Salivedor cast the demon into a book, closing it and forever locking its fate. Or so he had hoped...


It had been easy, almost too easy. And it seemed so harmless, just an old book on plants. Mr. Linden had not told her why it was off limits, so Abigale just had to find out herself. She had slipped it into her book bag and Mr. Linden had no clue. The next time she stopped by, she would just return it to its resting place; no one would know.

But, everything hadn't gone quite as planned.


Mr. Linden laughed his deep, husky laugh, remembering the little girl, Abigale it was. She was a curious young one, the type that search for adventures. Somewhere, deep down inside, he knew that he should not have warned, even mentioned, the book to her.


Abigale had come to borrow from his library again. It seemed she just flew through each one, hungry for another, new story. Shaking his head in utter admiration, Mr. Linden turned the key in the lock, but thought otherwise. Re-opening the door and walking to the place the book was assigned, he gasped, panic-stricken.


He knew what had happened; she had taken it. But now he knew there was only one chance left: she may have not opened it yet. If...