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As of right now in my story, Marty was uncuffed by the Police. He was uncuffed because his wife, Paige, identified her husband and told the police that they have the wrong man. Paige called them. Paige called them because Marty told her to call them from the Delorio's home because he had shot the "other." The other is an assassin who is searching for a life. He was used to being programmed by his superiors and they had him trained. The other has killed a whore, a cashier, husband, and a wife. He murdered the husband and wife because he was programmed to. He murdered the cashier, because he realized the $300 that he has in his wallet wouldn't get him anywhere. He murders the whore because after having sex with her he feels as if he has been weak and has not lived up to his potential. After murdering all of these people he realizes that he needs a life and wants to search for it.

He is somehow attracted to the Stillwater house. After being attracted there, he sees Marty and realizes that he looks exactly like him. The other sees a family picture and realizes this is were he belongs.

WHAT WERE YOUR FEELINGS AFTER READING THE OPENING CHAPTERS OF THIS BOOK? I felt that I was going to enjoy this book. I felt this because I enjoy murder mysteries. At the beginning, the Other was on a killing spree. I thought this would be interesting, because I like to read of death. It isn't because I am a psycho; it is because I like to read about murders.

WHAT DO YOU THINK MIGHT HAPPEN NEXT? I think that the Other will get with Paige. By that, I mean that he will have sex and kiss her breasts like he warned her of on the telephone. I think that he will also send away Charlotte. I think he will send her away because she is unorderly and he will not tolerate that at all. I also think that he will kill Marty. Marty will die because he is Mr. Murder.

WHICH CHARACTER WOULD YOU LIKE TO BE IN THIS BOOK? I think that I would like to be Marty. I say this because Marty is a wealthy man. Marty has lots of money because he is now a successful author. He is a successful murder mystery author, which is very ironic because he is about to be involved in a murder. He will either murder or be murdered.

DO YOU THINK THIS TITLE FITS THE BOOK? I think the title fits the book very well. I think it fits well because Marty is an author of murder mysteries. Marty is gonna be murdered or murder the other. I think this because of what has happened recently near the end of section two. How Marty almost killed the Other. The Other is a murderer and knows no other life.