Mr. Panwallah's thoughts about hari in "The village by the sea"

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My watch mending shop is so quiet without the presence of the youthful Hari. He enjoyed listening to all my lectures on various topics, while still doing a great job with those imported time pieces. Being a quick learner, those Rolexes were not a challenge for his nimble fingers, but as for myself my poor vision and constant illnesses pose a distraction from my occupation. Not only was he a quick learner, he also worked hard. Working two shifts of totally different occupations just to take home some money for his family was a great quality in the young boy. He saved every rupee he earned and did not indulge on himself, just to improve the living standard in his house. With an open mind he took my advice and being a boy of a few words quietly worked on each timepiece, that within his short tenure in my apprenticeship, he learned the art of adapting to changing times.

Now that he returned to his small hometown of Thul, I really do wonder how he is faring. Jagu nor I have received a letter from the boy, is he implementing the knowledge of watch mending to his advantage? I just hope so, after all that he has gone through, he should seriously practice mending watches just to make sure he still has the touch and not lose the precious skill. Soon when the village will change for the better becoming a little town with all the factory workers, Hari can maximize on the opportunity. After what I saw on coconut day, I truly believe that Hari has evolved to fight like a bull-dog, society will not be able to suppress his ambitions and thoughts, he has learned to fight for his existence. Knowing this I will know that Hari will do well for himself and for his family back home at Thul. Now all I hope is that he will keep this trade and remember all that he has learned as he will be able to adapt, as maybe one day he will learn to fix all those fancy imported digital watches from Japan. Everything that he does is a great job, and working and striving in this direction I have full faith in him that he will certainly become successful.