Mr. Perfect?

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This essay is a true story on my relationship with an abusive boyfriend. This essay was to describe a person in your life that changed you some how. This is detailed look into my relationship with this guy and some of things that he did to me while we were together. It's a personal essay on an abusive relationship.

Mr. Perfect ?

Three years ago a certain boy caught my eye, a seemingly perfect boy; he was funny, cool and cute. I was completely wrong about him and in for a huge wake up call. Through out your life there are many people you encounter that might seem to be great but turn out to be your worst nightmare.

At first, Mike was great he was polite, caring and could not be more perfect. He was the best friend of my friend's boyfriend, so we spent a lot of time together.

In fact, too much time. Around this time mike started to change- for the worst. Mike was like that bad taste in your mouth in the morning before you brush your teeth. We often fought when I could not hang out with him, and he would break up with me. No big problem though. I thought he was just very angry and needed some cool-down time. Soon after we would break up, he would come back to me apologizing and asking me to forgive him and that I should take him back. Stupid me.

What is important to know, is that I was the type of girl who everyone liked- Cool, confident, funny, smart, and attractive a genuinely good person all round. Little did I know, Mike was somehow gaining control over me. He would make me feel guilty when I wanted to have a "girls night out." But...