Is Mr. Spock Possible

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Is Mr. Spock possible? Due to the old Star Trek episodes, we knew that Spock is a different species from human being (although part of his Earth¡¯s genes was from his mother). In Spock¡¯s original planet, all the people (including Spock) are commanded to control their emotion. Spock and his nation have an unlike logical belief to the human kind, since they must obtain a level of reasons and fusibilities before a decision has been made. And this belief is their survivalism. Is their belief rational and logical to us? Is it really necessary to be rational and logical? In the case of Roger character described by Devlin, we observed that Roger had adopted the idea of logical thought in a big way. Roger tried to operate every decision with reasonable evidence, which made his life along the clear, unambiguous, logical lines of digit computer. Whenever he made mistakes again and again, he would analyze the error was off-tracked of his own logic or not.

He might even think that his partner was the causation of the problem if nothing seemed wrong about his logic. In Roger¡¯s standpoint, he is always right in his position, and even it is rational and logical to him. He might think that his behavior was as accurate as a computer, and which guided him to the goals, desires, and capabilities of himself. Since people would commit themselves to their self-developed philosophy, Roger was named as ¡®illogical Roger¡¯ and ¡®black-and-white Roger¡¯. We know that logic and rationality not only the evaluation of ¡®true¡¯ and ¡®false¡¯, but also the deeper experience of the mind. Both of them have to deal with the personal moral, knowledge and common senses. According to the dictionary, logic is defined as the science of reasoning, particular method, or system of...