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My Favorite Grade School Teacher By: Amber Wise My favorite grade school teacher was Mrs. Cantrell. She was my fifth grade teacher at Davis Elementary School in Southampton, Pennsylvania. Mrs. Cantrell was a tall, thin women with red hair to her shoulders and bluish gray eyes. She was a great teacher because she didn't play favorites, everything was fair for everyone, she had fun activities, and she believed in me.

Mrs. Cantrell always had fun activities for us. Each week she would pick two people to take attendance, read what was for lunch, and read the announcements. Then every other day we would read part of a book or a poem out loud to the class. Other fun activities included holiday parties and a fifth grade graduation trip. For our graduation trip, all three fifth grade classes went on a cruise called the "Spirit of Philadelphia." All day we sailed down the Delaware River, ate lots of food, danced, and watched the performers dance and sing.

We also had 1750 day where we dressed like the people from that time. We relived that time period and did many different activities such as broom making, toy making, paper making, and apple head dolls.

Mrs. Cantrell was not one of those teachers who played favorites. She was always nice to everyone and was always fair about things. If she needed something from the office, she wouldn't ask the people she thought were the most trust worthy, she would choose anyone to go. She never showed that she liked someone more then anyone else.

The thing I liked most about Mrs. Cantrell was that she believed in me. I was never very good at math, so on certain days she would send me and a few other kids with a teacher...