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The Devil's DiscipleG.Bernard ShawMrs. Dudgeon as a Puritan Character"The Devil's Disciple" is a play that communicates many themes, among which is the Puriatns and Puritanism .Bernard Shaw in this play explores the life of Puritans and show how they're hypocrite and prentend to be what is really not in them.This issue is presented through one of the characters in the play who is Mrs. Dudgeon.

Mrs. Dudgeon is introduced by the author as a detestable character , she is not a" pre-possessing woman" and her face is "grimly trenched by the channels into which the barren forms and observances of dead Puritanism can pen a bitter temper and fierce pride" . Mrs. Dudgeon is a tough and harsh person, she loves to hurt people around her. Not just so ,she is ruthless and hard hearted with her family -those who are supposed to be closest persons to her heart "She is an elderly matron who has worked hard and got nothing by it except dominion and detestation in her sordid home".

Moreover, she is unfriendly and strict with anyone and everyone to the extent that she scolds and rebukes anyone infront of her no matter his rank or position. Even her house reflects saddness and grimness, it's a house that lacks any observances of love or passion and this feeling can be easily tracked in each and every corner in the house.

Mrs. Dudgeon reflects this fake Puritanism. Those double faced people who claim to be following certain morals and values whereas they know nothing about them. She despises everyone and humiliates whoever tries to help her .This is shown obviously from the way she treats Essie, this young orphan who committed nothing in her life except being Peter Dudgeon's illegal daughter . Mrs.