Mrs. Mallards Freedom this essay is about kate chopin's short story "story of an hour" Has explication of her character traits and reasons for her unhappiness.

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"Mrs. Mallard's Freedom"

Mrs. Mallard has many sides to her looks, feelings, and personality. From what we learn in the story she seems to be a woman of an elderly age. We later find out that in actuality she is young and that her life has altered her looks. She also has different feelings at times about how the death of Mr. Mallard will affect her. Her emotions change from intense grief to happiness within a short period of time. It is also clear that Mrs. Mallard has been trapped in an unhappy marriage for many years. The reason for this unhappiness is that she has lost all her will and identity when she married her husband.

When reading "The Story of an Hour" Mrs. Mallard is portrayed to be an old woman when she is said to be "afflicted with a heart trouble." (Chopin 12). It is inferred that she has to be of an old age because younger women do not tend to have heart disease until their elder years.

We are shocked to find out that this is not true when Chopin says that "She was young" (13). Mrs. Mallard is also painted as being old when her face is said to have "lines" (Chopin 13). The dialogue "open the door--you will make yourself ill" (Chopin 14) portrays Mrs. Mallard as being weak and again emphasizes her old appearance. This shows her to be older than she should be at such a young age.

In the first paragraphs of the story we see that Mrs. Mallard does not know how to feel after her husband's death. When Mrs. Mallard heard the news she went into her room and locked the door. Chopin describes her as being "pressed down by a physical exhaustion that haunted her body...