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When my friends told me that Mrs. Sarah would give us the Arabic class, I was totally happy. I thought that she's one of the people that have the kindest behavior, the fairest grading and the easiest treating. But I was completely wrong about her; she was one of the worst persons I ever met in my life for many reasons.

Mrs. Sarah was a person that you could never use the word kind to describe her personality. From the first class she gave us, her unfairness showed up. She kicked out my best friend Nuha just because Mrs. Sarah thought that she saw Nuha was talking to Eman without asking them if it happened or not. Another thing, she was very arrogant, she used to spend half of the time talking about her master's degree in Arabic Literature and how some lazy and not smart girls like us will never even dream of it.

The unkindness was one negative side in Mrs. Sarah; she was very unfair to others in both personality and grading. She once get in to our class and told us to take out a piece of paper and get ready for a pop quiz, although, she said that she'll never surprise us in that way. She also used to judge us very fast and never change her first impression. Another thing that shows her unfairness is that she used to treat girls differently from each other; she used to prefer the girls who had a high position in the society.

The last and the most important thing that she was a liar about the way she said she'll be helpful us in giving easy exams. She told us to study only from the book but she brought three essay questions from the lecture notes in our mid term exam. She gave us the hardest and the longest final exam we ever had and took the papers before the time end. She also prevented us to use an (Arabic-Arabic) dictionary; even she knew how helpful it'll be for us in analyzing the poem.

Sometimes you believe what other tells you about some people, you should never take everything they say until you meet the person yourself. Even if he or she is very bad don't lose faith in yourself and don't give hope like me and all the girls did. Whatever this person was you would learn a way to deal with him or her. You just have to work hard, give your best, be patient and finally but most important believe in Allah supporting.