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"Mr. Proctor, have you seen the Devil in your life?" wondered Judge Danforth.

"I did," replies Mr. Proctor.

"And when he come to you, what were his demands? Did he bid you to do his work upon the earth?" remarked Danforth.

"He did," says Proctor.

Mr. Proctor was an ideal farmer who faced many situations between friends, family, and town folk. In these situations, he learned the act of courage to tell people what they wanted to hear.

John Proctor comes off as a good and respected farmer at the beginning of The Crucible. As you go through the play, begin to see what is really behind this man. He ends up of having an affair with Abigail, tells Danforth that he was involved with the Devil, and tells Danforth that he will not sign the paper. All of these examples are all acts of courage.

Abigail would come up to John in the middle of the day to talk about how she loved him so.

John had the courage enough to tell her that it was over. He did not want to go off and tell people that he was a witch like she was doing to other town folk. John

telling her this was being brave because he knew that she could go and tell people lies about him.

Later on in the play, John Proctor told the court that he had commited adultery. This is another brave thing to do because he knew that he could be hanged for it. John confessed to Danforth that he and Abigail had an affair. Danforth had not believed him. Instead, he believed Abigail when she told him that it had never happened.

When Proctor was in jail, Danforth asked him to confess that he did work with the Devil.