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My Favorite Teacher Ms. Struble was the best teacher and I'm sure still is the best teacher I have ever known. Ms. Struble was my favorite teacher because she always had fun learning activities, was a hip teacher, and was very involved with her students lives in and out of school. We all managed to be very close with her.

Ms. Struble was thought by all of her students as more of a best friend or someone to look up to rather than a teacher; yet we still seemed to learn a lot throughout the school year. She always wore nice clothes, smelled good, and had a beautiful smile on her face everyday she came to school. Ms. Struble always told us stories about her life to help us get to know her better since she was a new teacher that year. She told stories of her soon to be husband and her crazy black and white cat Gus.

Even though it was her first year at our school, she made me feel like I had known her all my life. She was the kind of teacher that made you want to go to school. You came each day to see not only your friends but what fun things you were going to do that day.

The learning part of the relationship that I had with Ms. Struble was the best and most fun learning experiences I've ever had in my life. She is the only teacher that has ever made me want to read or write. Every other day we would either have writing time or reading time. On the days that we would have a writing period we would get to write stories either in groups or by ourselves. Usually I would choose to write...