MSN Spaces as a tool of the totalitarian Chinese Communist Party.

Essay by Keir January 2006

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MSN Spaces is actually fighting freedom of speech and doing the work of the Communist Party here in China! The proof is the proliferation of Chinese blogs Microsoft, NOT THE CCP, is closing down. The most controversial such shutting down is that of Michael Anti's MSN Spaces. If you were to check out his site at you'd see the error message saying ""This space is temporarily unavailable. Please try again later."

Before Microsoft CENSORED him, Anti was an active supporter of the journalists at the Beijing Daily News who had walked off their job after all the top editors were fired for their increasingly daring investigative coverage, including recent reporting on the recent police shootings of village protestors in the Southern China.

Now see for yourself how Microsoft is helping silence Chinese voices- create a blog and make posts with politically sensitive words. When you post entries with titles like "Tibet Independence" or "Falun Gong", see if you get: "This item includes forbidden language.

Please delete forbidden language from this item."

Chances are you will be successful in posting blog entries with non-controversial titles, but can still use sensitive words in the text body. For instance, one person put up a blog post titled "I love you" had "Tibet independence" in the text body, and a post titled "I am happy" had "Falun Gong" in the body, like so:

BUT within THREE days the whole blog had been taken down, just like Anti's was on Dec.31st, with an error message: "This space is temporarily unavailable. Please try again later."

The blog remains inaccessible from the United States as well as from China. This proves that Microsoft is guilty is attacking freedom of speech and is doing what it can to preserve the CCP's monopoly of power, no...