Mt. Carmel-Descriptive essay of a camp i go to every summer

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Mount Carmel Family Bible Camp is where my family and I have gone to for our family vacation every summer since I was born. We congregate with my mom's side of the family for one week each summer to enjoy each other's fellowship, grow together spiritually, and have fun.

If you were to drive through the driveway of Mt. Carmel, the first thing you would see is the Miller Chapel, the newly finished Fireside Lodge, and some run-down-looking cabins. If you were to base an opinion on what you have seen so far, you would probably conclude that this is not that great of a place. Drive a little farther down the driveway, however, and you would discover why this is such a fun place.

The most obvious thing you would see is the clear, pristine Lake Carlos with young children swimming and playing on the bright yellow fun bugs, boaters dragging skiers and tubers behind them, and fishermen trying to find the best spot to catch fish at.

Along the shoreline, you would see two paddleboats and kayaks, along with numerous canoes, two shoreline trails, and an old stone sauna. A little farther off of the beach, you would see tennis and basketball courts that have seen better days, a volleyball sandpit, and a softball/soccer field where usually an organized or pick-up game going on when there is not chapel.

If you look back towards the lodge, you might see a group of people learning and/or refining their skills in basket weaving, watercolor painting, making necklaces, making dolls, quilting, painting, or even tye-dyeing. These activities bring together the young and old alike. It is here where the young and old get to exchange ideas as they relate to each other through a common interest while trying their hand at...