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MTV I think first off that MTV has given teens a television show that is much better than some of the other shows out there. Instead of watching violence on television they can watch music videos on it and see competitions on it. MTV, I think shows a positive attitude on it. You never hear anyone on MTV saying to cut school or do violent acts instead they say do this and that to win prizes and it's good prizes which would keep them off the streets and out of danger. Some may say that it has sexually gotten worse but in fact that's what it is out there. Wherever you go that is what you see, so if parents have problems with that then they shouldn't be sending them to party's, beaches, or even the movies because you will see something wherever you go. I really think it's unfair how parents put down MTV.

The music shown on there can be ways to express oneself and also some of those songs can even be prayer songs for kids. They express a lot of positive attitude and thinking usually. MTV has not gone overboard at all, and when someone says they have then I think they are stupid not to realize that, that is what we see everyday in reality. MTV has mellowed me out a lot because of the television shows such as "The Real World" because I get to see what life can be like out there. I also see many music videos about life and love. Some of those songs can help you get through a difficult situation such as "Wonderful" by Everclear. That song talks about the bad things that's happen and that you wish everything would be good to you. I do believe that MTV has given me a good influence if anything. I don't think it has given me any negative influence at all.