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1. Company Background

Music Television Channel was launched by the Media Company Warner Communication and credit card company American Express. The purpose of the company is to help the superstars of musicians to be different. During the year 1981, popular music emerged and it can be enjoyed through radio station or tape recorded. Although most of the music stars perform live at the audience but then they only reach a fraction of potential audiences. With the launching of the Music Television, most of the music stars can perform with visuals in which it added to the new dimensions of music industry. Music Television Channel was trying to revolutionize pop music and record buying. The company introduced to people a new dimension of music performances. The company brought up rap and punk into the mainstream and there was a broad diversity in popular music. During the year 1980, the music industry continues to redefine most global music.

The Music Television channel used to create MTV Video music awards in which they give recognition for those performers who were able to reach significant sales of their records. They also recognized the effort of music stars in performing their music records to people. The company also recognized the most requested music to people in which they create the top 20 countdown. In 1985 company was pushed into the political and social arenas with its broadcast in which they used to cover some of the political campaigns. Also in 1989, the company used to conduct some public service campaign with their live broadcasting. In 1986, the Music Television started to expand their reach in which they were also being viewed in Japan and eventually they also expanded in Australia and Europe. Later on the Music Television expanded globally and in the year 1996, MTV...