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I wasn't able to attend the play in Spring Green, WI, so I will be giving an explanation of one of the characters of the play. I have chosen to talk about Beatrice, and I hope I can make it two whole pages.

Beatrice is the niece of Leonato, who is am influential figure in Messina, where the story, Much Ado About Nothing, takes place. He is also a good friend with Don Pedro who leads an army, which has just come back from battle.

She is a very pretty young woman, with a very outgoing attitude. She tells it like it is, and doesn't care what people think about her. Everyone loves her, and she is quite the entertainer. Beatrice makes everyone laugh, with her witty remarks. She's a very intelligent person, and she knows it. So does everyone else for that matter.

Beatrice always says, throughout almost the entire play that she could never get married, because she would never be able to find a man that could make her happy, in fact she is almost sure that the perfect man for her doesn't exist.

She doesn't need a man in her life, and she's perfectly happy being without a husband. Now don't get me wrong, she isn't a mean person, she's just really independent.

Well that was until Benedick, a very handsome military man with an attitude equal to Beatrice's, came along. They bickered back and forth and spoke constantly about how much they hated each other, and butted heads whenever possible. So, it was obvious to everyone around them that they were perfect for eachother. There was a little trickery and they ended up falling head over heals in love with one another.

So, even though she wasn't looking for a man and never planned to, she got him. She ended up marrying Benedick and they were a really good couple. Attractive, smart, witty, and sassy.

I think that Beatrice is a lot like me in a lot of ways. I can easily compare myself to her because I'm really independent, and I as well, don't care what people think about what I have to say. I liked the way she spoke her mind, and I think that she sets a good example for everyone.