"Much Ado about Nothing".

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"Much Ado about Nothing" is originally set in Spain but Kenneth Branagh has decided to situate it in the sunny countryside of Tuscany. The film was set in The Pink Palace and its surrounding grounds.

In the film of "Much Ado about Nothing," the garden scene begins with the music, which is very happy, and it is leaving the tension from the previous scene. The first visual occurrence is a high angle shot of the garden and the house. This I think is quite effective for the scene because it portrays how pleasant and beautiful the place is to the audience.

Soon after that, there is a cross fade shot of Benadick coming out from between the two hedges. You can see him talking to himself in a soliloquy. This is where he is speaking his thoughts aloud to the audience. This is very interesting because it illustrates what he actually thinks about love and women.

As he walks and talks, the camera pans along with him. When does speak he often argues with himself and this shows really how deep in thought he is. Finally, after carrying his deck chair around with him he has a look at it and then drops it to the floor. I think that this shows to the viewers he is very frustrated and angry.

In the scene there are several diagetic sounds, an example of this is the birds singing sweetly sharing their mood with the audience, and the water trickling down the fountain in the pool of water below. As Benadick continues to walk the camera remains with him, with just his face in the picture and some of the background scenery. There are many facial and hand gestures produced by Benadick in this scene, which is quite...