Much Ado About Nothing: Act 5, Scene 1

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Benedick feels that Claudio has slandered Hero, and challanges him to a duel. Benedicks also tells that he can no longer be their traveling companion. He can no longer be their traveling companion because their horrific accusations had killed and innocent girl. Their accusations has not only slandered and "killed " an innocent girl but it has also slandered her family name as well. Don John who presented the false accusations against Hero has also fled the scene.

Later on the day a man who goes by the name of Dogberry and his companions know as the " Watch " travel to Leonato's estate with the captivity of Borachio and one of his friends. Dogberry informs Leonato, Don Pedro, Claudio, and Antonio that hero has been wrongly slandered by these men. Boarchio then admits to Don Pedro and Claudio that he has lied about his sexual affairs with Hero.

He tells them about how Don John, Don Pedro's brother, had coaxed him into wooing Hero's lady-in-waiting, Margret, into sleeping with him and pretending that it was hero. Shocked and appaled by this revelation Don Pedro and Claudio realized that the have been tricked by Don John into beleiving that Hero was a "whore" and that their salnderous accusations had murdered and innocent girl.

Leonato after hearing the news then turns to Don Pedro and Claudio to thank them on murdering his innocent daughter " noblely". Claudio gets down on his knees and askes for Leonato's fogiveness, begging Leonato's to punish him in any way he see fit. Leonato tells him that since Claudio was not able to be his son-in-law at least he could be his nephew. Leonato inform Claudio that his brother Antonio has a daughter very much like hero and he wishes for him to marry...