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The movie "Much Ado About Nothing" is a Hollywood interpretation of one of Shakespeare's best-known comedies. The play is centered around two sets of lovers. The first, Hero and Claudio, felt in love at first sight and are going to marry soon. The second, Beatrice and Benedick, have known each other for quite a long time and love to joke and play tricks, trying to outwit each other. The plot is full of lies, misunderstandings, deceptions and cruel jokes. While Don Pedro, Prince of Aragon, helps Beatrice and Benedick to realize and admit their true feelings, his illegitimate brother, the evil Don John, tries to destroy the love between Hero and Claudio. The end you can imagine...

The film's action progress through a series of picnics, banquets, dinners and dances. The director, Kenneth Branagh, put huge care and planning into setting of the movie. The movie was shot in the Villa Vignamaggio in Italy, so that everything seems to be very realistic.

The company of the actors was selected well as well. Actors in general did a great job in characterization and performing. I am impressed with acting of Kenneth Brenagh, who was not only a director but also played Benedick in the film. The lines he says seem to be natural and understandable, even though they were written almost 400 years ago. But his great characterization of Benedick could not have been so noticeable if not an acting of Emma Thompson, Beatrice. These two are equal to each other in the quality of acting and characterizing their roles. It's interesting that at the time when the movie was shot and released (1993), these two actors were real-life wife and husband, that made the chemistry between Beatrice and Benedick more realistic. Denzel Washington looked really outstanding as Don...