"Much Ado about Nothing" by William Shakespeare

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Examine how Shakespeare presents evil and the darker side of Messina through the character of Don John in "Much Ado about Nothing".

Leanato welcomes Don Pedro to his house as they are passing by. Beatrice and Benedick are arguing, but Claudio speaks to Don Pedro about him loving Hero. Leanato is told a false rumor about Don Pedro's intentions towards Hero. Don John plans mischief at the masked ball to make havoc.

Don Pedro talks of love to Hero so he could woo Hero for Claudio. Benedick is teased by Beatrice as she admits what she thinks about Benedick. Claudio is misled that Don Pedro wants Hero for himself. The mistakes are resolved. Hero and Claudio are brought together in the end. Don Pedro comes up with a plan to get Benedick and Beatrice together. Borachio then come up with a new plan to discredit Hero. Benedick and Beatrice are ticked into loving each other.

Beatrice is tricked into believing that Benedick loves her. Don Pedro and Claudio are both deceived by Don John's slander Hero. The watchmen make an arrest they arrest Borachio and Conrad. Leanato is too busy to listen to Dogberry's report on the arrest they made of Borachio and Conrad.

At the wedding, Claudio denounces Hero- but Friar François comes to her rescue. A plan was made to hide Hero and tell everybody that she has died of grief. Beatrice and Benedick find out that they are in love with each other. Beatrice then asks Benedick to kill Claudio. Dogberry tries the case against Borachio and Conrad. Borachio then confess to Don Pedro and Claudio that there was a plot that Don John made to dishonor Hero. Benedick and Beatrice are in love. They hear about the plot against Hero. Claudio, still believing that Hero...