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Mucho Mojo is about a man named Leonard who inherits his uncle's house and $100,000 when his uncle Chester dies. His uncle also left him two keys, one to a safety deposit box and the other to a chest, which holds the skeleton to a 9-year-old boy. When Leonard moves into his uncle's home he also finds in a safe deposit box a painting Leonard did as a child, it was of the old Hampton place behind uncle Chester's home.

Leonard and his pal Hap Collins meet an old lady named MeMaw, and a man named Illium, these two both knew his uncle. Hap and Leonard visit Illium's house and find some clues about the body they found under Uncle Chester's home, they also find Illium dead. Hap and Leonard felt they had hit somewhat of a dead-end and they decided to visit the old Hampton Place hoping to find some additional clues.

Hap and Leonard find a disturbing discovery at the Hampton place, a decomposing body of a young boy under the house, and they inform the police. The police go under the Hampton house and find many more bodies of young boys. Hap and Leonard keep finding the same odd item at each of the places they find evidence, coupons. Hap and Leonard later discovered that people in the community cut out the coupons to give to the church for the bible students and children that participated in sports. The Reverend of the First Primitive Baptist church is Hamil Fitzgerald.

Leonard and Hap later discover that Hiram, Memaw's son, was somewhat close to Reverend Hamil, they use to box each other. Hap has a plan; he believes Rev. Hamil is the killer/child molester. His plan is to get in a boxing match with Rev. Hamil and interrogate him about the murders. Rev. Hamil's reactions only reinforces to Hap the Rev. Hamil is guilty. The police, Hap and Leonard follow Rev. Hamil around just to make sure he was the killer. Rev. Hamil takes some children to a carnival and then the police lose track of him. Hap, Leonard and the police decide to go to the Hampton place in case Rev. Hamil decides to kill again. Rev. Hamil, his stepbrother T.J. and Hiram show up with a live boy that they are going to kill, but since Hap and everybody was there they started to fight.

Rev. Hamil was killed, T.J. was sent to a mental institution and Hiram got away, but not for long. A little while later that night Hap showed up at MeMaw and Hiram's house, Hap and Hiram got in a fight and Hiram was killed. So in the end all of the bad guys were killed and the body's were found and buried properly in a graveyard.

So in the end Leonard who was trying to prove his uncles innocence kills Rev. Hamil and Hiram because they had poorly tried to frame uncle Chester for the murders. Uncle Chester knew what was going on so he left clues for Leonard and Hap, if he hadn't, none of the bodies would have been found and the true murderers died for their crimes.

I liked the book Mucho Mojo it was a very good book. Overall I liked the book because I like murder stories. One of my favorite characters was Leonard; he was very funny he had a positive attitude and a great outlook on life. He expressed his opinion through comedy and serious insight. I also really liked MeMaw, she was an old wise and caring woman who took care of Leonard and shared stories about Uncle Chester.

This book kind of reminded me of the show Law and Order: SVU. The book wasn't really revelent to me but I enjoy reading/watching stories about murders and how they try to solve them. This book might be interesting to people who like comedy since this book was very funny and would be also interesting to people who wanted to become a crime scene detective. However, this book may also be offensive to many people because it covers a variety of topics such as gays, drug dealers and addicts, interracial relationships, and the molestation of young boys.

This book would be good if it was made in to a movie because it is a comedy/murder mystery, the number of television shows and movie's in the recent years show that there are a lot of people that would be interested in a story like this one. I probably won't read another book by this author because some of the content, the romance in particular, was not appealing to me. Joe Lansdale used strange character names, which made it difficult to keep track of the characters and sometimes the book seemed to ramble. It was difficult to follow the conversations between the characters. Some of the scenes that really needed to be descriptive, for example the fight scenes, lacked much description. While some scenes in the book, for example to the sex scenes were very descriptive. Even with all the action the book at times was boring.

The thing I will remember most about the book is the murders but also the fact that the book was very weird, it had a lot of distractions, like the crack house next door and how a young child becomes addicted to drugs and is eventually killed then Leonard burned down the crack house. I did not like the fact that every single story line had to include romance, for instance Hap gets involved with his uncle's lawyer, then she leaves him for the lead detective in the murder case. The detective was black and Hap was white. Those didn't really have anything to do with the main part of the story, which was the murders, but it was added detail that made the story funnier and more believable.