Muhammad Ali (Personal Experience)

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Until recently, very recently, I never realized the true effect that "Super Stars" have on society and ones' personal feelings. It is not often that you get to meet one of your heroes. Whetherit is one of the present day or of fond childhood memories. Sure, you can go to a sporting event, Fan Appreciation Day, inspirational or motivational speeches or any public event to see them but that is

just it, you expect to see them or you would not have taken the trip. I am talking about your plain ole, run-of-the-mill, everyday life and then, all at once, there he is.

There was my brother, his two boys, my daughter, and me. We were on the fourth day of our ten-day vacation (which included the hellish 16 to 18-hour drive and about 1,100 miles one way). It was about eight o'clock a.m. and just like the previous three mornings, the only thing that stood between us and Walt Disney World was the hotel room door.

I do not recall which theme park it was that day but I can close my eyes now and visualize the exact scenery, and in color too. We just crossed a causeway heading for another section of the park. I was in the lead with what appeared to be a strategic formation following to my flanks and rear as if to signify some sort of security. Actually, it was the rest of my family staggering clumsily behind. I, too, was walking with a little lackadaisical momentum. Before I turned to check on my daughter and the rest of the hard-chargen troops my eye caught a noticeable face. Half way turned, my head, on it's own impelling force, thrusted forward. Low and behold, never in my wildest dreams would have I imagined that I...