Muhammad, the prophet of Islam.

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Muhammad, the prophet of Islam, was born in the city of Makkah around 570. He was orphaned at an early age and his uncle raised him. As a teen he worked as a caravan leader on a trade route. Khadija, his employer, took notice to his honesty and ability as an employer of hers. She promoted the teenage Muhammad to become in charge of all business affairs. Khadija proposed to him at age 25.

After his marriage to Khadija, Muhammad was free from all financial worries and had plenty of time to reflect on the meaning of life. Muhammad began to be trouble because of all the greedy wealthy people, people worshiping idols, and people mistreating the poor. It is said that Muhammad experienced a revelation while spending time alone in a cave outside Makkah. He spent time praying and fasting there. Allah told him to RECITE!! RECITE!! RECITE!! Confused, Muhammad asked what he should recite.

Allah is to have said, " Recite in the name of your lord, the creator, who created man from clots of blood. Recite! Your Lord is the most beautiful One who by the pen has taught mankind things they did not know."

Later, Muhammad experienced a second revelation. Allah had told him to "rise and warn" the people about divine judgment. In 613, Muhammad began his preaching of his revelations to friends and family. There was a difficult experience for him when he began to preach to others. As he was preaching there was only on true god, and everyone should obey him and that everyone was equal, there was an outrage. No one wanted to switch over from there believes and the rich did not want to have to share their wealth with the poor. Muhammad also preached that worth was measured...