Is Mulan Good For Kids?

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Mulan The movie “Mulan” is the animated story of a young girl struggling to find her place in Chinese society. After failing to pass the Chinese standards for marriage, Mulan pretends to be a man and joins the Chinese Army in an effort to save the country from invading Huns. She goes on to save the country and become a national hero. While all Disney animated movies are sure to be loved by children, some parts of “Mulan” might not be good for a young child to watch. The writers of the movie were very careless in some scenes by sending questionable messages to young viewers.

One problem with this movie is the amount of scenes it has which children could attempt to imitate. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing. The movie has catchy songs with easy words to remember. The plot deals with a courageous girl who defeats boys, showing that girls and boys are in fact equal.

There is nothing wrong with a child imitating these things. However, a parent would not want a child imitating the entire movie. In the beginning of the movie, Mulan has to go a woman called the “Matchmaker” who will decide whether or not Mulan is fit to be a wife. To pass the Matchmaker’s test, Mulan has to memorize some phrases and recite them. Instead of learning the phrases, Mulan writes them on her arm and reads them. By having the protagonist of the movie cheat and get away with it, this scene tells children that cheating is not only acceptable, but it is the smart thing to do as well.

This movie also has many scenes that could cause a child to confuse cartoon life with reality. While visiting the Matchmaker, Mulan accidentally sets her on fire. The burning Matchmaker runs...