Multiculturalism and its benefits.

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The word multiculturalism has been touted and expounded on for many years. This is due to extensive immigration as well as to the world becoming a much smaller place because of communication technology, world travel and international trade. It obviously has some importance in our society and its benefits would probably not be quite as appreciated if we could see a time and a place where such a practice was not encouraged.


(1.Trade & Investment)

Multiculturalism encourages good relations with different nationalities be they local students, foreign students, visiting workers or visiting trade officials. Even immigrants with relatives and friends overseas provide good trade and investment contacts. Better trade relations ensures the exchange of different goods, this is important where vital imports like wheat and electronics is concerned.

The influx of overseas investment is necessary in the growth of our local industries and this cannot be done if other nations hear about our poor civic race relations, particularly towards people who had originated from their shores.

Australia realized this uncomfortable fact when certain conservative politicians made speeches sanctioning a whiter country with less tolerance for ethnic migrants. Its Asian neighbours responded by sending less students and making less business investments.

(2.Science & Education)

The learning of different technologies from other countries and the import of talented professional foreigners is a practice that the United States, Japan and Singapore have executed with positive impact. In both countries there exist a group of highly skilled expatriate workers, quite a few who have decided to permanently make these countries their home. Also, the employment of foreign professors and the attendance of foreign graduate students raises the level of information exchange and technical knowledge of universities.

The learning of different cultures in the area of history, literature, science and...