Multiple Sclerosis

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multiple sclerosis

Created on: March 15, 2003

recommended cardiovascular, strength, and flexibility exercise programs for the population

people with ms can be divided in to 3 groups for exercising, 1.independent 2.independent with assistance of crutch, cane or walker 3.wheelchair mobile Aerobic for many people with ms, cardiovascular exercise activities may be unsuitable for them. in that case anaerobic activities six days a week may be the best before beginning the aerobic activity you should spend 5- 10 minutes preparing your body. a very light workout should be done to warmup. a light full body stretch should be performed for a minute for each major muscle group. using the type of aerobic exercise that suits you best, begin very slowly and check your pulse every 2 minutes increasing the rate of exercise till target heart has been reached. In starting from scratch or if you have difficulty exercising continuously, break the exercise into smaller intervals of a few minutes with rest periods between.

These rest intervals allow you body to recover from exercise stress the cool down. do not stop suddenly after vigorous exercise, this may restrict or alter blood flow and this reduced blood flow may result in dizziness, faintness or nausea. slowly stretching the muscles at this time is helpful in maintaining flexibility or gaining range of motion and preventing muscle soreness. Strength and flexibility alternating days from strength and flexibility and aerobic training. the resistance chosen should be heavy enough to allow you to perform the exercise 5 to 10 times. circuit training is good. can be performed inside or outside. things to remember check with your doctor before beginning the program pay attention to you personal response to heat, fatigue, etc. and adjust the program accordingly. if you experience any adverse reaction to any aspect of the...