Multiple Views on Multiple Dimensions: Eastern and Western Perspectives

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Multiple Views on Multiple Dimensions:

Eastern and Western Perspectives

Multiple Dimensions are levels or objects in space, depending on one's perspective, that provide rationale for various forces in the universe. Western postulators only fathom the mystery of multiple dimensions while Eastern thinkers simply accept their existance. To throw in a quick southern perspective, the word dimension is Latin for 'measured out'. In essence, it is the "the number of degrees of freedom available for movement in a space (Wikipedia, 2005, paragraph 23). Dimension also defines an object's shape and size, like that of a box.

Imagine a box. Look at the four sides, the top, the bottom, and the defining corners. Imagine an apple the same way, the car you long to own, the house you cannot afford. This is the 3-D (three-dimensional) word in which we live. Add the aspect of time and you get the four-dimensions that both the east and west understand.

It is beyond these dimensions that perspectives change.

Eastern philosophers understand these extra dimensions as interlinked wavelengths. In his book, Nothing in This Book is True, But it's Exactly How Things Are, Bob Frizzle explains that the wavelength of our third dimensional world is 7.23 cm because the average length of all objects in this dimension is 7.23 cm. He further explains that dimensions are separated from one another by wavelengths like Notes on a musical scale. "Each tone on the scale sounds different because of its wavelength" (Frissell, B., 1994, page 21). Vibrations of sound and color are believed to assist people in these extra dimensions. There are general concepts that we live in multiple dimensions and one can travel to these extra dimensions via meditation.

One such meditation or vehicle is known as the merkaba, which roughly translates to counter rotating fields of...