Munchausen Syndrome By Proxy Speech

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I.         Introductory Remarks: a.         You’ve read it in the news, you’ve seen it in the movies, Munchausen syndrome by proxy is a form of child abuse that is becoming more and more known.

II.         Motivation: a.         This form of abuse is wide spread but until currently it has not been displayed to the public. You may know someone right now who has been through this abuse, but they may not know that it is abuse.

b.         This subject concerns me as a parent because many children are becoming ill or sometimes even dying because of a disorder that does not affect them, but the one person that is supposed to protect them their mother.

III.         Orientation: a.         Definition: Munchausen syndrome by proxy is a form of child abuse in which an adult makes a child sick solely to gain attention and sympathy from doctors as well as friends and neighbors.

b.         Transition: Not only is this disorder dangerous to the child but the parent or caregiver can go as far as murdering their own children to gain sympathy for themselves.

IV.         Preview Statement: a.         The history behind diagnosing this disorder, the victims and resources available to victims are the areas I am going to talk about.

V.         Main area of Discussion (1) Topic Sentence: a.         First, about 20 years ago researchers began to understand that mothers who intentionally injure their children or make up symptoms of illness are mentally ill themselves.

i.         To diagnose a mother as mentally ill does not excuse her of child abuse. But it can take the child away which would end the abuse.

ii.         In certain cases doctors are wrongly diagnosing children as victims of this abuse and as a result children are being taken away from their parents and in some cases even dying.

iii.         It usually...