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Essay by kiahorse January 2005

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Good evening, I would like to represent you and the future of North Cowichan on the municipal council.

The council consists of 7 members including the mayor. No one member holds all power, therefore every member's viewpoint is considered in decision making. I feel my contribution would encourage the youth of our municipality to become civically involved.

My goal is to go to schools, youth groups, sports clubs and juvenile offenders to involve them in decision making that directly affect them. Knowing what they are interested in, and what would keep them out of trouble and occupied would be the first step. I feel if they are involved and have someone close to their age to represent them, they are much more likely to feel civic pride.

Even though I represent the youth I have visions for the community as a whole. I would like to keep taxes as low as possible to help the economy of the municipality, but there is a need for services that the municipality has to offer.

I will keep an eye out for any wasteful spending. It is your tax money, and my job to make sure it is stretched as far as it can go.

Recently Herd Road was widened to accommodate pedestrians and equestrian riders such as myself. I would recommend as scheduled road repairs are made to widened the shoulders as well.

I believe in conservation and I am aware of the Gary Oaks that are situated on the planned future Fire Hall site. I would highly recommend the civil engineers to use this unique attribute in their design. I know the present council is working hard to guarantee a minimal impact to this eco system.

I have met each councilor personally and feel I could work well as a team...