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If issues of social reality are intervened in arts, they shows an interest but do not give good marks to the work at all. Also in such a case that arts and external purpose beyond them are combined as well as politics, and commerce they don’t approve arts. However, I have an opinion that the meaning of art must be changed according to the change of age because all arts which contain the spirit of its creator are real art. The art can be expressed in a variety of styles.

Louis Vuitton mania who likes Louis Vuitton bags with fluorescent monogram patterns would know artist Murakami Takashi well. His name was on the ‘Artists & Entertainers’ section of ‘The 100 Most Influential People in the World’ announced in Time on May, 2008 . The chance in which this neo-pop artist born in Tokyo in 1962 became famous in the whole world was the collaboration with Louis Vuitton in 2003 .

Murakami Takashi is a pop artist of a new type created by Otaku culture that leads contemporary art world of Japan . He became the most influential fashion super star in the world, backed up by world luxury brand, Louis Vuitton. The Louis Vuitton products to which his design was added were so famous to be all sold out and Marc Jacobs who recognized him and actively promoted his collaboration with art world had really excellent eye and sensibility. The enormous synergic impact created by the encounter between art and fashion has still remained to be the legend of marketing well-known to everybody: a perfect combination between the commercial and the artistic.

Secondly, Takashi Murakami attempts to rebuild the boundaries between commercial art and the fine art . Some artists criticize that his art which is full of commercial-purposes harms...