Murder Of JFK

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Judgment Day         On November 22, 1963 John F Kennedy arrived in Dallas where he was to meet with members of the states Democratic Party. He cruised through the streets of Dallas getting applause's from everyone and all the citizens of Dallas. He was riding in an open air (convertible) limousine. He was not riding alone but instead his wife Nellie and Texas Governor John Connally. As they approached the Texas School Book Depository, John F Kennedy would be waiting for his Judgment Day.

        John F. Kennedy was shot and murdered supposedly by Lee Harvey Oswald. So many questions have been asked by people and other political figures that questions whether or not the Kennedy assassination was a big conspiracy or if it was just one man, Lee Harvey Oswald.

        A couple of theories have been thought up, some are so unbelievable that there is no physical way that they could ever be accomplished.

        One of the more believable theories is the Magic Bullet Theory.

The Magic Bullet states that the bullet traveled through two separate individuals and emerged virtually unscathed on the other side. One source says that "the bullet would have to had missed all of the bones in President Kennedy's body while traveling through, passed through Connallys wrist, shattering the extremely hard bones which compose it, and still have enough speed to penetrate his thigh." The Magic Bullet Theory states that it is possible for this to happen.

        The Magic Bullet also states that there was three shots that have been fired from the assassin (Oswald) from the top of the building. "The first shot missed completely, possibly grazing a spectator elsewhere along the parade path. The second shot is said to have traversed the path known as The Magic Bullet Path. The third bullet is said to have hit the President directly in the right side of his head, removing a portion of his skull and brain,