The Murder of Martha Moxley: Why Micheal Skael did it

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One's motive to commit a crime can be provoked by jealously, temporary insanity or obsession. On October 30th 1975, an adolescent girl named Martha Moxley was brutally beaten and killed by Michael Skakel. This homicidal affair went unsolved for more than two decades, even though Skakel and his brother Thomas were suspected, it became known throughout the whole nation due to the fact that a Kennedy relative was involved. The shocking news of his brother's affair and Michael's uncontrollable temper was what drove him to murder Martha simply because he was possessive of her.

        Michael Skakel and his brother Thomas were well-known in the neighborhood for their atrocious behavior and lack of discipline. The neighbors felt that they received special treatment simply because of the fact that they were the nephews of Ethel Skakel-Kennedy, widow of the late Senator Robert F. Kennedy. Both families lived in Belle Haven, a gated community in Greenwich; a prosperous area of town where Hollywood actors and wealthy people lived.

Even though the Skakel family had a renowned reputation of being fierce, rebellious and ludicrous, Michael Skakel was feared due to his dreadful temper and neurotic attitude. According to Mark Fuhrman, he states "Michael had a hair-triggered temper that could be set off easily. He was high strung and hyperactive. When told he couldn't do something he would often throw a fit." (198). His attitude clearly reveals that he was overwhelmed with serious emotional problems along with having a substance abuse problem. Michael was clearly a troubled teen who frequently got into trouble with the police, the police knew about his despicable behavior. His own family was terrified of him because of his belligerent behavior, "Several of them thought he was capable of murder." (Fuhrman 198). His father repeatedly let his bad behavior slide giving...