Murder Mystery

Essay by dany5 June 2004

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David was very fond of taking pictures of sceneries. One day he got an offer to go to Canada to take some scenic photos. He accepted the offer and the next day he was on the plane to Canada.

As he stepped of the plane into the open air the sun engulfed him. He saw birds flying around and a huge waterfall which drifted off into the open and vast sea. Behind him was a beach that sparkled gold. All off a sudden he started taking pictures. He finished one roll off film in five minutes.

He started to explore in the forest. As he approached the glistening lake he found a camera. It was black and probably worth one hundred dollars. He developed the pictures that were in the camera he found. He found a picture of a little girl, a shark and a picture of a man in his late twenties blonde hair and blue eyes he was wearing a black shirt which had two words "No Rules", and also few red blood marks on his shirt.

He submitted these to the police and they told him he had found some pictures which led to a murder. David was shocked. The police told him how a 'guy' kidnapped kids and fed them to sharks. He said he was never found because no one knew how he looked but know they do.