'Murder at Sarajevo' fiction article

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On the 28th of June of this year the Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his wife Sophie were murdered in Sarajevo. The couple had been on a visit for they had accepted the invitation of the Bosnian governor, General Oskar Potoirek, to inspect the army manoeuvres being held outside Sarajevo.

The couple arrived yesterday morning At around 10:00 a.m., the archducal party left Philipovic army camp, where Franz Ferdinand had performed a brief review of the troops. The motorcade, consisting of six automobiles was headed for City Hall for a reception hosted by Sarajevo's mayor. The chosen route was the wide avenue called Appel Quay, which followed the north bank of the River Miljacka.

In the first automobile rode the Mayor, Fehim Effendi Curcic, and the city's Commissioner of Police, Dr. Gerde. In the second automobile, its top folded down, rode Franz Ferdinand, Sophie and General Potoirek.

The driver and the owner of the car, Count Harrach, rode in front. The third automobile in the procession carried the head of the military chancellery of Franz Ferdinand, Sophie's lady in waiting, Potoirek's chief adjutant, Lieutenant Colonel Merezzi; the car's owner and his driver. The fourth and fifth automobiles carried other members of Franz Ferdinand's staff and assorted Bosnian officials. The sixth automobile was empty - a spare should one of the others fail.

As the automobiles approached, the crowd began to cheer. Suddenly a young lad pulled from his coat pocket a bomb, he then struck the bomb's percussion cap and threw it directly at Franz Ferdinand. The driver who had seen the bomb told us "I saw the bomb hurtling through the air so I put my foot down on the accelerator", therefore the bomb would not land where it had been aimed. The Duke,