Be a murderer or let your baby live? What my teacher called a brilliant essay on why abortions should be illegal.

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For many years girls have though of abortions as the "easy way out." The truth is that they're not. Abortions can cause seriouse defects and some times deadly ones.

For many years girls have thought of abortions as the easy way out of having a baby. When a girl is considering having an abortion she only looks at what information is out in the open like, the baby will be gone. she doesn't look at the hidden information on the subject, such as defects.

People all around the wrold experience the defects of abortions after having one done. These defects can include; seriouse depression, irritation, breast cancer and skin cancer, also death. Even though these defects occur every day throughout the world they're not taken seriously. They still only think "good the baby will be gone," but the truth is that the same defects can occure if you have the baby too, but if you have the baby instead of the abortion you won't be labled a murderer.

So abortions should be illegal, because they're harmful, and not worth taking away another human life. So ask your self, do i want to be a murderer or do i want to let my baby live?