Murderous Science

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"The revolution which the experimental method has affected in the sciences is this: It has put a scientific criterion in the place of personal authority" (Bernard 1,2,4). Science is the necessity of finding the facts and uncovering the truth. The pursuit of this knowledge is expected to be morally based; unfortunately some scientists feel the need to find the facts regardless of the consequences, either to the scientists or to their subjects. Three scientists that have crossed the boundaries of humane science, these individuals are Untersturmführer Joseph Mengele, M.D., Ph. D., Lieutenant General Shiro Ishii, microbiologist and Dr. Barnett Slepian, physician. The circumstances allow for one to understand that maybe some of this information obtained by genocidal scientific practices may be useful, in turn regardless of the outcome many people suffered and died, just to test these individuals' hypothesis. In this paper I will break down the overall effects of their scientific practices, as well as the influence that their research has provided to the culture that has witnessed these practices.

Lieutenant General Shiro Ishii was a young Microbiologist Lieutenant that pushed hard for the development of biological weapons. Due to the interest in biological weapons as well as the education to perform experiments provided a basis for research. Since the availability of human guinea pigs was available the experiments could begin with horrific consequences. Ishii is accused of performing inhumane scientific research; this consisted of testing lethal poisons, electrocution, and gruesome autopsies. The fact is that these experiments were not only criminally wrong but also morally. The overall idea that Unit 731 was established on may have been justified by the times and the culture. Regardless of the culture one cannot justify the torturing of humans just for scientific research.

When one reads the unimaginable acts that this individual...