Muriel's Wedding

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There are many dysfunctions with Muriel's family in the film, Muriel's Wedding. Most of these dysfunctions have to do with the fact that Muriel's father was unfaithful and he treated his family badly. Some of the things that Muriel's father did were tell everyone about his children's lives and mistakes, he would call them useless, he lied and he neglected his children. The family was also dysfunctional because of the mother, she never took the responsibility of taking care of the children or telling them to do any work, therefore the children were all lazy. All of these things led Muriel to believe that she as nothing and useless; she just wanted to get married.

Muriel's father always told people about his children's lives and told everyone that they were useless. He would embarrass his children in front of the people that they would be having dinner with, and tell them that they do absolutely nothing.

For example, when the whole family went to a restaurant to have dinner with someone their father new, the father told the people they were having dinner with that his children are lazy and they don't do any work. He told them that they sit around the house all day and do no work at all he also told these people that they didn't complete school and they don't bother to look for jobs. This negativity gives the children a feeling of loss because they feel as if their father does not love them and that they are useless to him, which affects the children mentally. This affected Muriel because she could not wait to get married so she could change into a different person. She felt that she was nothing and useless because of some of the things that her father said to...