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Shanxi Daoqing, is one of the folk music in Shanxi province, if compare it with the Carnatic classical Kriti there will be lots of similarities and difference.

First of all, compare from the perspective of musical elements.

Usually there will be one or two vocalists in the daoqing for the different themes of the song. And it is common to have one vocal in the Kriti.

However if we contrast the instruments in these 2 different kinds of music, there are 2 string instruments called Xiaosanxian and Siyin in daoqing. It is usually have a violin in Kriti, which is obviously influenced by western music. In spite of the violin, there is one called sarasvati vina which is a kind of lute in South India. For both of these 2 music, they all have string instrument, but daoqing is usually made of materials that can be easily accessed from people's daily life, and Kriti's instruments is usually suit in the features of music and on the other hand influenced by the other music cultures.

Since Indian music tended to be focused on the temple, there are different kinds of drums in the Kirti, like mridagam drum, kanjira hand drum, those drums played an important role in Kriti's complicated temples. In compare, temples are not so obvious and important in daoqing, the usage of yugu and the other percussions are mainly keep the consistency rhythm and steady pulse. But they all performed like a band during the performance.

For he context and language in these 2 music. Daoqing is the dialect of Qingjian village, it is usually talk about the daily life and events in villagers' life, for instance, the marriage, harvest or funerals. For kriti, because of its undeterminable improvised feature, sometimes there are few non-lexical...