This is a muscle analysis of when you do the bench press.

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Bench Press

The bench press can be divided into two movements for analysis. The movements are the upward movement to extend the elbows and the return movement to the starting position.

Movements to the upward position

ØWrist and Hand

·Flexion (wrist and hand flexors have isometric contraction)

oFlexor carpi radialis

oFlexor carpi ulnaris

oPalmaris longus

oFlexor digitorum profundus

oFlexor digitorum superficialis

oFlexor pollicis longus

ØElbow Joint


·Elbow extensors

oTriceps brachii


ØShoulder Joint

·Flexion and Horizontal adduction

·Shoulder joint flexors and horizontal adductors

oPectoralis major

oAnterior deltoid


oBiceps brachii

ØShoulder Girdle


·Shoulder girdle abductors

oSerratus anterior

oPectoralis minor

Return Movement to Starting Position

ØWrist and Hand


oWrist and hand flexors have eccentric movement

ØElbow Joint


oElbow extensors have eccentric contraction

ØShoulder Joint

·Extension and horizontal abduction

oShoulder joint flexors and horizontal adductors have eccentric contraction

ØShoulder Girdle


oShoulder girdle adductors have eccentric contraction