Muscle, Genes And Athletic Performance

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In this particular article we were asked to read it talked about muscle, genes and athletic performance. It was mainly focused on runners than any other sport. Also this article went into depth about myosin.

        First, the article begins with an introduction to the body of Maurice Green, the fastest man in the world. It gives the reader a brief overview of what makes Maurice faster than that of the world's second fastest man. It says that this is due to the fact that muscle fibers are able to generate more power. This is due to the fact that contraction speed of the fibers in different bodies is different. Muscle contraction of the fibers is due to the way that different fibers break down adenosine triphospate in the myosin heavy chain region. Slow contractions are good for that of a long distant runner where as fast contractions are good for a sprinter.

        Next, the article went on to talk about how the building up of muscle is possible. The article says that the increase of muscle is due to the creation of more myofibrils. This is caused by a reaction from exertion on the muscle. As this reaction happens more proteins are made. And due to this more nuclei are needed to produce and support the making of additional proteins to balance a ration of cell volume to nuclei. Also, satellite cells are scattered along the surface of the muscle. These cells multiply rapidly when the exertion happens to the muscle. As these satellite cells multiply some remain satellites on the fibers and others become part of it.

        Next, the article talked about how slow fibers convert to fast fibers. This is where the article gets very scientific and confusing. What I believe it is trying to say is that...