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Allan Bloom’s “MUSIC”         Allan Bloom, a professor at the University of Chicago, has advocated the adverse effects of rock music on the minds of young people. Stating that Rock, and other types of modern music such as rap, gothic and industrial, hinders a person ability to reason, and adversely affects their intelligence. Bloom argues a need to return to more classical music. that classical music promotes harmony in the listener and a sense of realism which is lost in rock music. In this essay, I will go into greater detail on blooms theories and how he uses manipulated facts and his’ own bias to try and persuade his readers to boycott rock music and return to more classical types of music.

        Bloom makes several valid points in his essay. One being if you love something you must look at it objectively, Identify it’s faults, and then determine if you love that thing in spite of those faults.

A point I whole heartedly agree with. To truly love anything Music, art, or another person you must concede its faults and then love it in spite of those faults. However bloom also argues that todays young people are incapable of such analysis because our mind have been destroyed by the presence modern music and the lack of classical appreciation. Personally I find this observation offensive and unjustified. I along with many other students my age have a deep appreciation for classical music and despite a select group of young people I also watch MTV, and listen to hard rock, and dance music.

        I think that Mr. Bloom is forgetting that music by its nature should be fun. Writing, playing and listening to music should be fun no matter what kind of music it is. and I listen to classical music for that reason...