The Importance of the ALJ Music Program to Me

To the Tri-Am Music Society,

Music is a very special art that can connect to anyone. There are songs and pieces that can reduce us to tears or make us feel elated, while others can make us feel inspired and on top of humanity. Every note expresses creativity that seems to come through so easily to many of us. In one way or another, music has had an impact on all of lives, whether it's learning the piano or an instrument, singing in a choir, or just kicking back and listening to your favorite artist. To me, not only has music been an important part of my life, but the program and community of the Arthur L. Johnson High School allowed me to make it more special to me than I could have ever imagined.

For my two years so far at ALJ, I have been enrolled in the Concert Band class that is offered here.

We meet five days a week, and play five days a week. Being a member of the Concert Band is not only a great opportunity to practice the wonderful collection of songs we play, but is always fun. Some of my best friends I know are people that I met through the band and they are ones I have been playing since elementary school. It feels nice to know that it is possible to be with your friends every day doing something you all share a passion for. I can come into the class confidently that I will always have a great time with exceptional instruction. Our band director, Mrs. Bollaro, is there every day to help us master our music. Not only does she provide great tips to all of us, we...