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The performance review that I attended is located in Costa Mesa at Diedrich Coffee. It was held on Saturday, January 26, 2002. The presentation features Will Brady and his band playing the Blues. There are four members to this group. All are white males. The lead singer was named Will Brady. He is in his late thirties while the other three members are in their late forties. They dressed in collar shirts, slacks, and jackets. The audiences range from teenagers to adults in their forties. The atmosphere was very casual and comfortable.

The first song that I heard is called "In Your Mind." Besides the voice, the only other instrument used in this song was the guitar. The soloist sang the melody while the guitar played the harmony. The tempo is moderato. The timbre of the song is a man singing in a guttural voice. The texture was monody with an AAB form.

The dynamic in this song include bending, accelerando, and crescendo. I recognized the performance practice to be bending, melisma, and bluenotes.

The second song is called "When You're Gone." In addition to the voice, there were four other instruments playing: (2) guitars, drum, and bass. The melody was performed by the soloist and the two guitars provided the harmony. The rhythm was played by the drum and bass. The tempo was kind of slow with a soft articulation, which showed the emotion of the singer feels when his lover was gone. The texture of the music was polyphony. The timbre was a falsetto man's voice. The form of the music is introduction, verses 1 through 5, and ended with a coda. The performance practices that were utilized in this song included interpolation and interpretation.

The third song is called "Thinking of You." The instruments were the same...