Music Analysis of "Bring on The Rain" by Jo Dee Messin

Essay by aznXsa2587 April 2006

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The first time I heard the song "Bring on The Rain" by Jo Dee Messina, all I thought was, why would she want to it to rain? I didn't really listen to the words closely, but I loved the way the sound sounded. It's a really good song. The next time I heard it, I listened to the words more carefully and I thought the words and meaning were great.

The speaker in this song could basically be anybody. It is a person who is going through some rough, depressing times. The part of the song that impressed me the most is that even though things aren't going well, there is still a positive attitude in saying that "tomorrow's another day". The speaker realizes that there's still time, things will get better.

At the beginning of the song the speaker is very upset about something and saying that they "can't imagine what else could go wrong".

After that saying that they just wanted to get away from it all by hiding somewhere or locking themselves up so that they could be alone. The speaker really doesn't want to be around people or socializing, because of fear of things getting worse.

The song is about being upset and things going wrong, but the speaker is trying to be positive and have a good attitude about it all. I love the way the thoughts keep switching between being really upset and feeling like there is no escape, to thinking that it'll all be better soon and not to worry. At the end of the song, the attitude is completely positive and it is decided that they're not going to let it get to them.

She uses the rain as a symbol of sadness and things that are going wrong. When the word...