The Music of Generation X

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The Music of Generation X

        Since the beginning of time the human beings have adored the soothing sounds of music. Music has affected the way people have behaved and dressed throughout different periods of time. Different groups have been formed based upon their preference in music. Take for an example in the music of my generation, Generation X, there are several different groups oriented by music. In Generation X punks, gangs, alternative people, ravers, hippies, and pop rockers have all been labeled into groups by their preference of music. Music has also affected people mentally, causing problems in society like suicide, depression, hate/racism, violence, and drug addiction. I am about to examine five different song lyrics of my generation to demonstrate the different tones and concerns they convey onto society and my generation.

        The first song I would like to analyze is 'Jane Says' by Jane's Addiction. The main theme in 'Jane Says' is escaping drug use and addiction.

This song is basically set in a low class area. Jane is a girl who has had a heroine addiction. Her personal boundaries have been invaded and she wants out of the habit, 'I'm gonna kick tomorrow...'. She goes through depression and withdrawal, 'She gets mad/And she starts to cry.' Then the songs continues by talking about loneliness. Drug addiction is often the background for much of the music in today's society. People tend to idolize famous people and when they see or hear of their idols using drugs or drinking they follow the actions of the famous people. Another song in which I am going to discuss is written by The Smashing Pumpkins. 'Tonight, tonight' is a song about growing up. The song stresses the importance of time and how precious it is, 'time is never time at all/you can...