How music has been treated with other disciplines from pre-Qin era until present

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China's history and civilization covers thousands of years, thus, China's music has also created a rich convention throughout the ages. Chinese music began with the ancient societies of four to five thousand years ago. Ancient singing and dancing began to develop as an art. By the mid-Shang and early Zhou Dynasties, China already developed a rather sophisticated music culture. Music continued to evolve over the next two thousands years while China was under the monarchic rule.

Confucianism is a primary system of contemplation in China, which are concerned with the principles of good conduct, practical wisdom, and proper social relationships. Confucius' life was of incredible importance in the forming of Chinese culture. Confucius believed that ordinary humans could become tremendous with wisdom and great knowledge. Thus, he was devoted to learning and teaching based on self-improvement and morality.

According to Confucius, the "moral rectitude" could be taught through carrying upon rituals.

Thus, ritual acted as guidelines for people to follow in any given social state of affairs. Ritual could differ noticeably depending on age, social status, and gender. Confucius contributed to some specific rituals and values but also the importance of the past and hierarchy of the social classes. Rituals became "the way" to act.

According to Confucius, the 'Shao' and the 'Wu' music are classified as a control and discipline type of government of a country, while music of 'Zheng' is classified as erotic music, which gives perception of disorder type of government of a country. Therefore, Confucius believes that music is related to the government of a country.

The Li Chi also carries this concept by further continuation. It states "We must discriminate sounds in order to know the airs, the airs in order to know the music: the music in order to know the government. Having attained...