"Music from the Inside Out" : Reflection

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In class we watched a charismatic film called Music from the Inside Out, a movie about music and how it influences musicians and people around the world all day everyday. The main point of the creation of this movie was to show people that rhythm and beat either in music or not has always been a part of the natural environment for as long as anyone can remember.

Throughout the movie, many musicians told their stories of how they became to be part of the Philadelphia Orchestra. They describe in detail their thoughts, emotions and past experiences with their instruments and playing music. Many of the musicians stated that playing music relaxes the mind and soul and also that when they play they seem to cure their pain and bring their bodies to peace. Many of the musicians involved in the Philadelphia Orchestra had been early learners. Most began to play at 4 or 5 years of age; that’s incredible!Many musicians say that the way you play the instrument, is the way your true personality is.

But many musicians feel differently; while some think that music brings out inner personality, others say that personality has nothing to do with it. Instrumentalists who have this feeling with their music had also said that they have different personalities on stage rather than when they are just taking to a group of friends.

When performers such as those of the Philadelphia Orchestra perform they try to make the sounds of their instruments sound like nature. They keep the sounds as close to a real voice would sound if the piece were to be sung.

Tan Dun a Chinese composer has composed many pieces of music in his lifetime. He was a part of this film because he helped out the Philadelphia musicians find a new look on music from different parts of the world, in this case Asian composition. Tan Duns look upon music is that music is illusion that is touched with emotion of sound.

Throughout this film many instruments had been played: the flute, clarinet, many horn instruments, violins, a xylophone and many different types of percussion devices. Most of these instruments originated in western music but others such as the Qin originated in China.

If I was able to switch places with a musician from the movie I would probably want to switch with the violinist. She had really liked to play and was an important part of the Orchestra. She also lives in an environment that would really be relaxing and to play the violin would be a great honor. I have always thought that the violin is an astounding instrument with great sound and I would actually want to learn how to play and compose for this instrument later on in my life.

This film made me think a lot about how music influences society and people in it. Before this movie I simply thought that being a musician was a thing that people do as pleasure and not really for a living or even both. But after Music from the Inside Out, I realized that music makes you happy and if your occupation involves playing an instrument you’ll probably be happy anyway. I play the clarinet and I sort of could relate to what the musicians were saying and feeling but something’s I still don’t really agree with. Otherwise, this film gave me a lot of information that I had not ever thought about or known before.